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Decalogue of the Responsible Tourist


- Our commune does not use plastic bags; keep your reusable bags at hand for use.

- Refrain from acquiring species of native flora or fauna or in danger of extinction.

- Remember that our aquatic and terrestrial fauna have their own food, feeding these species helps to change their natural behavior.

- Do not throw garbage in environments such as beaches, roads, rivers, lakes and natural areas. There is a law that protects these places and you will be fined if you throw garbage.

- Remember that fires in unmarked places can cause fires and other serious damage to our environment.

- Use the existing and marked trails in protected areas and parks. When visiting them, bring food and clothing appropriate to the season.

- Do not take your pets to our Wild Protected Areas, as it is prohibited.

- If you visit us during the summer, ensure your accommodation in advance, due to the high demand.

- Always have a First Aid Kit on hand.

- When visiting us, get advice at official tourist information offices.

- Make use of official service providers for your own safety and that of your family.

- If you go fishing, don’t forget to take your corresponding permit, and check which species are in season for fishing.

- Respect the right of other drivers and pedestrians, maintaining a moderate speed and distance.

- Avoid alcohol consumption when you drive both land vehicles and boats within the lake.

- Use where the bike lanes are for your transport, and use the corresponding protection elements.

- Prefer local products and articles, this will help our community.

Remember that it depends on you that our environment lasts longer and that future generations can enjoy it. Protect and Keep is everyone´s task.